Friday, January 22, 2010


YES ladies if their is ever a free minute that the kids are taking a nap or outside playing , at a friends house or just feel asleep for bed time . That is the time to be Spontaneous!!! And he most likely wont say NO to you he will love the spontaneous sex and will hope for more. So remember to be extremly spontaneous, Put a movie on that the kids enjoy quarter way through and they are glued to that tv ITS TIME !!!! Walk briskly to anywhere you can close the door lock it and rip off those clothes it will be the most enjoyable sex ever. Your kids will be fine they are worried more on the Movie than anything else lol. Been here and done it ...and I have twins and a 9 year old boy LOL. Try it then come back and comment !!!


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  2. Okay, so I have a two and a half year old and a three month old in a VERY tiny house. Older one sleeps in her room, youngest sleeps in our room. DH refuses to do he deed with the baby right next to us in her sleeper. This morning the baby was napping in the living room, I strapped the older one in her booster seat w/ a cupcake and surprise my DH! LOL, not the most enjoyable, but better than nothing -especially since it's been sooo long!

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