Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to my new ROMANCE blog for MOMS

There are always ways to find time for romance . I know you are saying yeah right when ? Well every relationship NEEDS sex or any kind of romance in it to survive and thrive. For all you NEW mommies out there you are trying to juggle everything and keep the man happy. Men are hard to keep happy ,RIGHT? Think back to when you two were first dating or first married without any kids, you would have to admit the sex was GREAT and there was tons of it. And the romance that they showed or tried to show was wonderful and romantic. Well now that we are either stay at home moms or working moms married or together where has all that gone lol. Everyday I will have a tip and or Product to enhance your romance back into your relationship.And any articles that will help you get that spark you desperatly need back into your lives. Hope to see you back here tomarrow for the first tip .


  1. I tweeted about your new blog!! Best, Elise (@sd_elise)

  2. This is a wonderful, clean blog.
    So many people will not talk about Romance and sex.
    I think more people need to be willing to open up, after all it was created by the Master Creator.

    *Friday Follow*